Policy Shipping

Charges for your products are as follows:

Shipping costs

For each bottle of wine included in your order, the shipping costs are 8 € / bottle. 

Shipping costs include the special shipping package, but also the fact that the shipment includes fragile products.

Remote areas

There is no special charge for remote areas. But the order can be received from the nearest store of the cooperating transport company from the delivery address that you have stated in the order.

Free shipping

Free shipping does not exist due to the specificity of the products.

Collaborating transport companies

We work with the appropriate transport company that best serves the delivery address you have chosen. If you want a specific transport company, it should be stated in the comments of the order, however, telephone communication may follow from our company to the contact details that you have stated for the processing of the order.

The products will be delivered to you within 3-5 days from the date of the order, bad weather and other unforeseen factors may cause a delay in the delivery time of your order.